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About Everfront Biotech Inc.

The current treatment options for glioblastoma (GBM) are severely limited due to the lack of effective drugs and the neurological iatrogenic effects experienced by patients after treatment. Standard treatments usually involve surgical resection, radiation, and chemotherapy, but the cancer almost always recurs with an extremely poor prognosis. Everfront Biotech is introducing a novel treatment approach that aims to revolutionize GBM therapy. This drug has received orphan drug designation from the FDA. We demonstrated its therapeutic effect in a Phase I/IIa clinical trial involving 22 patients with recurrent GBM. The current clinical trial results demonstrate a median overall survival of 26.2 months for these patients - a three- to fourfold improvement compared to existing treatments like Treatment A (6.4 months) or Treatment B (9.3 months). Furthermore, no adverse reactions and changes in patient's quality of life (neurological function, nausea/vomiting, dyspnea, insomnia) related to Cerebraca® Wafer were found, presenting a better and safer treatment approach for GBM patients. Our novel treatment approach, named the Cerebraca® Wafer, targets the unmet medical needs of GBM treatment. It is an implant that contains a small molecule new drug (EF-API-001) within a biodegradable/biocompatible polymeric sustained release matrix. The Cerebraca® Wafer can deliver the drug, bypassing the blood-brain barrier, and directly attaching to the tumor cavity after surgical resection of the GBM. This treatment approach provides a local high drug concentration environment, treating the residual GBM cells to make the resection surgery more complete. Furthermore, EF-API-001, the active ingredient of Cerebraca® Wafer, was found to have multi-functional benefits, inhibiting cancer stem cells, reducing chemo-resistance, and enhancing immune activity simultaneously. These multi-functional effects make Cerebraca® Wafer different from the FDA-approved GBM treatment drugs, including alkylating agents, and antibody. After the promising outcomes of the Phase I/IIa clinical trial, Everfront Biotech is now gearing up for the pivotal Phase IIb clinical trial in the US. We anticipate enrolling hundreds of patients from renowned medical centers. Upon the completion of this trial, we will proceed with the NDA process to bring the drug to 4.4 billion GBM treatment market. Everfront Biotech is reaching out to explore opportunities for mutual cooperation. We aspire to collaborate with you to explore novel possibilities in medical innovation. We sincerely hope for the opportunity to engage in an in-depth discussion about the feasibility of this collaboration.

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